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Highlights from Stateline Lookout Today

The view from Stateline Lookout:

Brants were seen migrating down the Hudson River today in huge numbers. Skein after skein after skein.

Photographers' Row looked liked "The Guns of Navarone."

Local Red-tails put on a show that never seemed to end (shot below is an uncropped pic with a 400mm lens).

Lots of migrating raptors, too, led by a strong Sharpie contingent.

Bottom photo is an action shot of today's hawk-eyed counters.



Great Day at Stateline Lookout

Stiles Thomas promised today would be a big day at the Stateline Hawk Lookout in Alpine, and for once he was right.

We saw more than 700 Broadwings -- some were distant specs (pointed out by Stateline's excellent raptor spotters) but some were so insanely close that we had to take out restraining orders.

Quite a few Bald Eagles, too, fairly close as well.

Here are a few highlights

  • DSCN9174
  • IMG_0416-001
  • IMG_0427
  • IMG_0515
  • IMG_0612
  • IMG_0580