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Kathy Clark of New Jersey's Threatened and Endangered Species Program (ENSP) contacted me after seeing my column on the celebrated female Peregrine whose name shall not be uttered (or so sayeth some):

You probably know this, but the photographs over the years were good enough to get a band number:  1807-67480.
She was banded at Cape May Raptor Banding Project's station in Sept. 2015, as a hatching-year bird (aka, hatched in spring 2015). 
It's great that she is banded and identifiable, but we don't know her exact origin. 
Most peregrines are banded as nestlings with known origin, and we can connect the later encounters with that origin. 
But this is still a great story of a trackable bird, and it is likely that she fledged from a nest in NJ or NY.
(Thanks, Kathy!)

Amazing Encounter at State Line Lookout

I've seen plenty of Bald Eagles at Stateline Lookout in Alpine over the years, and I've seen plenty of Peregrine Falcons there as well, but I've never seen what Bill Tonner saw last week and posted on Facebook.

Here is Bill's account in this lightly edited version, not for the squeamish:

The sight of an Osprey inspired me  "put in some time"at Stateline Lookout today, hoping to catch Spring migration.

I saw two more Osprey and three Red-tailed hawks. End of the afternoon a colorful male American Kestrel headed up river.

But what happened at 3:30 blew me away!

I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle flying across the river from Yonkers. Not very high, coming toward the Peregrine Falcon nest area.

Sure enough, I heard the female Peregrine  start to squawk.

A minute after that, she rocketed out of a hidden perch around the cliff top.

She met the eagle as it was one quarter across the river.

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Gyrfalcon/State Line Update

Went over to the State Line Hawk Lookout in Alpine yesterday for a couple of hours in hopes of seeing the rare Gyrfalcon, with no luck.

A few dozen other birders had the same idea, or at least were seeking a cabin-fever cure -- successfully, from the look of things there.

With no Gyrfalcon, I was forced to enjoy the five Common Ravens, three Bald Eagles and DSCN0052the local Peregrine Falcons.  See below..

If today's Super Bird Sunday Walk had been yesterday at State Line, which features a prize for the first person to see a bird named after an NFL team (or is it the other way around perhaps?), there would have been quite a few winners.

One of the ravens is pictured above from above (with the Hudson below) -- just one of the many cool things about bird-watching there.

While checking to see if the Gyrfalcon might be perched somewhere up-river, I once again came across this cool monument marking the line between New Jersey and New York. On right..

The boundary is guarded by a chain link fence, but there is an open gate as well, and I fear many New Yorkers are sneaking into our great state as a result. IMG_0087