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My New Screech Owl Book Is on the Way

Screech Owl cover Wright

Timber Press just posted the updated cover for The Screech Owl Companion, complete with info on ordering an advance copy.

Packed with fascinating information and excellent photography, The Screech Owl Companion is the perfect book for anyone who loves Eastern and Western Screech Owls. There's even an entire chapter on squirrels.

From the back cover: "Astounding, thorough, and wide-ranging, this book will take you into the world of the beloved screech owl. It delivers everything you could want or need to welcome these appealing, diminutive, feathery, fierce creatures as your neighbors."
     -Lillian Stokes, coauthor of The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America

The publication date is Oct. 17. Co-author Scott Weston and I can't wait.

The cover photo is by Kevin Watson.

Great Reading For Night Owls?

Moe Tilly Book DSCN5781
My friend Moe Lehmann was at the Meadowlands Eagle Fest yesterday and stopped by the Flat Rock Brook booth to say hi to Rosetta and Tilly the Owl. 

Moe brought his Screech Owl Companion along, and I believe she was impressed, although not as impressed as I was when I found out that Tilly has her own baseball card.

(Thanks, Moe!)



Dubious 'Owl in the News' Story

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 4.02.55 AM
A friend sent me an Associated Press story with the headline "Kentucky Family Finds Baby Owl In Christmas Tree."

The story said:

One Kentucky family got a little something extra when they picked out their Christmas tree this year: a baby owl.

Lexington resident Michele White told WDKY-TV that it's a tradition for the family to pick out a Christmas tree every year and this year seemed no different. They had the tree in their home for four days and didn't notice anything unusual.

“I have three dogs,” White said. “We use this room nonstop: watch TV; the kitchen’s right here; no indication.”

Bobby Hayes, who owns Magic Carpet Cleaning and was at the home while the family was out, first noticed the bird after plugging in a piece of equipment and seeing the tree start to sway.

“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” Hayes said.

“It crawled up into the tree further,” Hayes said. “It took me several minutes to even find it.”

He sent photos to White, who said she was glad he was there to deal with the animal. Hayes said he was able to safely release the owl in the family's backyard.

“Everybody’s going to be able to have a merry Christmas now,” Hayes said.

Not to sound skeptical, but the owl sure looked like a fully grown screech owl, and it's hard to believe it would have been inside a house for four days without being noticed.  Just sayin'.

My Column: My New Book on Screech Owls

Kevin Watson screech owl Screech owls are the masters of camouflage. Photo credit: Kevin Watson

My latest column tells how my latest book came to be -- with a big assist from The Record and the forerunner of this blog way back when. "The Screech Owl Companion" has already gotten a great review on Booklist. So, fingers crossed.

You can read my column here:

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