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Great Bond Exhibit at the ANSP

IMG_0013 (1)While visiting the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia last week, I checked out the updated Real James Bond display. (Bond worked there for over six decades.)

It's terrific, right down to the West Indies bird calls that I wish I could identify.

In addition to showcasing some of Bond's books and his "FOR FLESH ONLY" pocket knife (below left), the display features several birds that Bond collected for science.

The birds include a Cuban Green Woodpecker (below left), the inspiration for the bird's head atop the human figure on the cover of my book)

(The cover, by the way, was designed by Molly Shields of Schiffer Publishing.

If you're in Philly, be sure to visit the Academy and check out the display, the Brooke Dolan II Asian dioramas (Dolan was a naturalist/spy for the U.S. in Tibet in Word War II) and a wonderful National Geographic photography exhibit (below right).

You can learn more about visiting the Academy here.



'Real James Bond' Book Launch is March 3

Make your reservation now for my book launch at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia on March 3.RealJamesBond_CVR(1) (3)

It looks to be an awesome event, including my talk, a q-and-a with Academy ornithologist Nate Rice and me, a book signing, and display cases featuring real Jams Bond first editions and birds he collected for science (still used for research today).

You can get your tickets (and more info) here.

Here's the ANSP's press release:

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