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Earth Day, Stiles Thomas, and a Barred Owl

Barred Owl Jim Wright (2)
My column for The Record today is about Stiles Thomas and my most unforgettable birding moment, and why they matter on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which arrives next week.

You can download it here:

Download JWright BirdWatcher TheRecord-20200416-LF03-0

I write of a conservation ethic says that to save the planet, we need to get serious about protecting it and nurturing it so that it will still thrive not just next week or next year but decades from now.

This philosophy applies on all levels, from our towns to our regions to our nations -- from the real James Bond's Caribbean and Thomas' United States to the Earth itself.

I am thankful for all the environmental groups that share and implement that philosophy.

In the column, I ask readers to share their most memorable birding moment. I hope you will, too.

Write to me at [email protected].

Red-shoulders vs. Red-tail Skirmish

Lots of hawkish screaming over the Celery Farm yesterday -- went to investigate and saw two Red-shoulders and a young Red-tail flying around. 

Red-shoulders disappeared into the tall evergreens by the Fell House, the Red-tail cruised the skies nearby for a few minutes. After the Red-tail left, so did the Red-shoulders.

Could not see a band, but it was most likely Laura and her mate.

We hear the Red-shoulders calling just about every day at the Celery Farm, but never this kind of hell-raising.

Photo above is the young Red-tail. The Red-shoulder is tucked away on a branch below.