Monday Fell House Mystery Answered

On Monday I asked:

See anything interesting in this photo taken behind Allendale's historic Fell House last week?

(The Celery Farm was once a bog on John Fell's property.)

The answer, as several turkey-eyed readers pointed out, is at least one Wild Turkey (with tail feathers spread out, middle-right). Diane Louie said there could be a poult "behind" the greenery, and she could be right.

The shot below left shows another turkey nearby. There were at least eight of them wandering around the outside of the Fell House last week. (And many other weeks.)

My Column: Hawk Watches, Else Greenstone

Else Greenstone at the Montclair Hawkwatch
My "Bird Watcher" column today is about the new hawk-watching season, and remembering Else Greenstone.

You can read it here:

By Jim Wright
Special to The Record

Now that September is upon us, so is one of nature’s greatest spectacles, raptor migration. Nothing can compare with visiting a local hawk watch on a crisp afternoon and tracking these magnificent birds as they pass by on their thousand-mile-plus journey south.

For those who love to witness the annual fall migration, the Covid-19 pandemic will change things significantly. A large part of the hawk-watching experience is the camaraderie among the folks who gravitate to these places after Labor Day.  Not this year.

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Allendale Library Talk 9/9, & Signed Books

IMG_0172I'm doing a free Zoom talk about The Real James Bond on Wednesday, Sept. 9, to celebrate my hometown library -- Lee Memorial Library.

To raise money for the library, signed copies of my lavishly illustrated book are for sale at Lee Memorial and at Bergen County Camera in Westwood,

The books are $25, with the net proceeds from each sale going to benefit this terrific library.

You can also borrow a copy at Lee Memorial Library or another local library.

An e-book is available for digital loans. (Stay tuned for more announcements.)