Rat Poison article, Free Red-shoulder Book Download

Survival cover

Last fall, Don Torino and I wrote an Opinion article about the perils of rat poison for The Record. You can read it here:


In 2011, I put together a free eBook about Red-shouldered Hawks and their fascinating history in Allendale.

You can download it free by going to:


and, on the right side of the page, clicking on Survival.

Snow Goose in Pompton Lakes

20221226_134617 (1)
I get to see Snow Geese so rarely -- and almost never on the ground -- that it was a treat to receive the above photo from David Hackbarth.

He took the photo in his yard along the Wanaque River in Pompton Lakes last week.

Last I checked, it had not been reported on eBird in Passaic County this year, and only once (at Parsons Pond on New Year's Day) in Bergen.

For more about Snow Geese, click here:


(Thanks, David!)




Tuesday: My Next Talk for Bergen Audubon

One of Allendale's Red-shouldered Hawks stopped by again to:

  • Wish a happy 2023 to everyone.
  • Remind me to let folks know I will be doing a Zoom talk for the Bergen County Audubon Society about the Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale and beyond on Tuesday, Jan. 10.
  • With a few vintage Stiles Thomas pix for his many fans.

Click here for more info on the Zoom talk:


The Biggest Celery Farm Big Years


As far as I can tell, the biggest Celery Farn Big Years were by:

Fred Weber,  2008: 192

Rob Fanning, 2006: 183

Stiles Thomas, 2006: 175

John Workman, 2006: 172.

You can go to the Fyke website and see Fred's, Stiles', and John's incredible checklists.


To see Rob Fanning's Big Year totals from 1999 to 2008, click here:


Please let me know if I have missed any.

By the way,  eBird makes it much easier to keep track of your sightings and do a BCelery Farm Big Year, but these hand-done checklists seem like works of art to me.