Eastern Towhee by the CF Just Now


Just had an Eastern Towhee under the feeder just now. Might keep an eye out if you're in the Celery Farm.

It's our first yard towhee in Allendale, and one of the few I've seen anywhere in town.

And Gaby Schmitt just reported seeing one in her yard -- a first for her as well.

Drink your tea!

(Kind of like the shot of the tail, below.)


View Friday's South Cape May Meadows Talk

South Cape May Meadows is my favorite birding spot in Cape May -- and that's saying a lot.

If you missed Damon Noe's Zoom talk for Fyke about the amazing history and natural history of this seaside preserve, here's how to view a recording of it for the next three weeks:

You can access a recording here for the next three weeks.

You'll need this access code (cut and paste): 8.%#U+?=




More on the Monday Mystery

On Monday I wrote about a bird strike -- a toughie in more ways than one. A friend writes:

Bird crashed through 2nd-floor barn window. Thick old double pane. Left the feathers and a little bit of blood.
Glass exploded everywhere. Shards of glass 30 feet away. (The bird was never found.)
Any idea what type of bird?
We had a few replies, though nothing definitive -- from Barn Owl to Red-tail.  I failed to say that barn is in Allendale. That would have made the Barn Owl theory less likely, I can't remember of any Barn Owl sightings in recent memory in Allendale... 
Although Allendale, Mich. does have a road called Barn Owl Lane...