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I always like to see what other New Jersey birders are blogging about, so I was happily surprised when I emailed birder Larry Zirlin by accident and his reply included a link to his blog, "Birds & Words."

Quite a few informative posts about Barnegat, Merrill Creek and lots of other prime birding spots south of here.

You can read it here.

Monday Mystery Answered

On Monday I asked:

Anybody able to ID this bird? I'm drawing a blank.  Kiwi?

Julie McCall agreed but thought the bird was out of its range.

Enid Hayflick concurred, although she saw them halfway around the world.

Carol Flanagan bristled and said it was a Wild Turducken nestling.

Thanks to all!

A Little Mink History


When I told Stiles Thomas about the recent mink sighting,  he remembered his father saying that he had traped a mink at the celery farm as a child in the early 1900s.

Apparently, mink weren't seen for quite awhile but eventually returned.

I took the above photo three months ago by the Spillway.


My New Column: The Old Feeder

DSCN9435My latest column for The Record is about a bird feeder that's been in the backyard since the turn of the century.

Here's a sample:

  Over the years, the plexiglass sides developed cataracts. The square-shaped feeder’s copper top started falling off a year ago, and no amount of glue solved the problem. 
    What’s more, downy woodpeckers were pounding away on the feeder’s wooden pillars instead of eating the bird seed.
Toward the end, the feeder’s wire hanger had broken time and again, it took a major application of electrical tape to help keep it attached to the pole.
    Clearly, the time had come to put the feeder out of its misery. I’m embarrassed to admit that I felt a tad sentimental when I parted with the old clunker.

I will post a link when it becomes available.