Monday Morning Mystery

What is it? And should it be left alone or what? 

Monday Mystery Answered

Pomerantz parrot (1)
Yesterday, I asked folks to I.D. the bird in the photo. I received lots of answers (thanks, everybody).

Those who are most experienced with parrots and parakeets think that this is a Rose-ringed Parakeet or very similar species.

Everyone agrees that this is a released bird or an escapee.

Cathy Gruberman, vice-president of The Real Macaw Parrot Clubs, adds that it is illegal to own these birds in New Jersey.

I guess that makes this one a fugitive.

More about these birds here:

My Column: Sandhill Cranes Were Here

Sandhill crane 3-topaz

This Sandhill Crane made a rare North Jersey appearance two weeks ago.  Photo credit: Stephanie Swanzey.

My Bird Watcher column this week is all about the Sandhill Cranes that visited the Celery Farm two weeks ago. It features a quick interview with New Jersey bird expert Bill Boyle. He wrote the book on the subject.

You can read the column here here:

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