John Fell and the Fell House Feed

Red-Shoulder @ the Fell House


Patty and I saw this Red-shouldered Hawk above the Fell House barn at this morning. (Julie McCall pointed it out; thanks, Julie!)

I mention the sighting for two reasons.

1.Stay tuned for a major announcement about our Allendale Red-shouldered Hawks.

2. The sighting was the first for the Wright-Finn team in the 2015 Celery Farm Big Year. (Yes, we have been very remiss/busy/under-the-weather.) Just a reminder that the Fell House property is included in the competion.

John Fell Burger at AB&G

Allendale Bar & Grill now has a John Fell burger on the menu.

It was  a  delicious reminder of Bergen County's most famous patriot, who once also owned the Celery Farm's land (called Fell's Meadows back then).

One quibble -- maybe the John Fell Burger should have been a hero. : - )

Thanks, AB&G!


Rohsler's Nursery Donates a Tree to The Fell House

Page 2 pic
Just wanted to pass along a big thank you to Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery, which donated a native Serviceberry Shadblow tree for the front of the historic John Fell House in Allendale in celebration of Arbor Day recently. 

The Fell House is across the street from the Celery Farm Natural Area, which was once known as Fell's Meadows and part of the Fell estate more than 225 years ago.

Planting the tree in the photo above, are, from left, Rohsler’s owner Bruce Rohsler, Mike Limatola, Celery Farm warden and the Fell House landscape director, and Friends of Fell House President Susanne Lovisolo.  The photo is by Ester Vierheilig of the Villadom Times.

Fell House Barn Turkey Vulture!

Barbara Dilger writes:

"Today (Saturday) I saw the Turkey Vulture on top of the Fell House Barn.

"Stiles says they like to sun themselves, it seemed to be sunning, walking funny, sometime dancing.

"It was very entertaining, then it pooped and flew off toward the Celery Farm. (Darn, I missed the poop shot)."  

(Thanks,  Barbara! There's always next time.)