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My New Column: Hour on the Tower

2020-09-20 467 -2
My latest column for The Record and USA Today New Jersey is all about the recent record-breaking Sunday -- and what makes this weekly event at the Celery Farm so enduring.

A big thank you to Kevin Watson for the amazing infra-red photo (above) taken on that record-breaking morning. It did not run with the column, alas.

You can download a pdf of the column here:

Download J Wright Bid Watcher RecordBergenEdition_20201001_LF03_3

Or read it here:

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Seymour Sez: Attention, Celery Farm Residents and Visitors!!

Seymour logo     You heard it here first:  Starting this Sunday, May 17, the humans plan to begin their weekly Hour on the Tower an hour earlier.

    In other words, the cult of the glassy-eyed binocular worshipers will arrive at 7 a.m. instead of the usual 8 a.m.

   Needless to say, all birds should adjust their schedules to avoid detection.

     The names of all avian species ignoring this caveat each Sunday will be posted on this blog later that week.

   Take it from me, Seymour Drakes Esq., these humans think nothing of naming names.

  Your fine feathered friend,
  Seymour Drakes

Hour on the Tower (040509)

Hour tower 040509_3227

    The weekly "Hour on the Tower" has begun anew. The idea is to see how many birds you can see as a group in an hour at the Celery Farm from the Pirie Platform. The informal collects at Pirie every Sunday morning at 8, weather-permitting.
     The tradition began a decade or so ago when Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas and crack birder Gordon Schultze met on Sunday mornings at the Warden's Watch to see how many bird species they could see in an hour. These days, photographers have taken over the Warden Watch on weekend morning, and Pirie is the place to be (and to see).
    If you have not partcipated, it's a good way to improve your birding skills and catch up on CF news.
    Click "Continue reading to see what was seen during last Sunday's hour.

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   Ken Buxton and Seymour Drakes did an abbreviated Hour on the Tower this morning.    It lasted 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes.  They saw Canada geese, Mallards, Northern Shovelers, a Hooded Merganser, and a Sparrow species.
   They were on a pace for 300 species but left on account of the snow.

    Also seen on a circumnavigation of Lake Appert: Great Blue Heron, Black Duck and Gadwall.