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A Classic Trip to High Mountain

The Paterson Rambling Club was founded in 1904. The group's first hike was to the summit of High Mountain -- after they had taken a trolley to Haledon.  Joseph Rydings, the group’s leader, wrote many essays about the group's hikes over the years, and “certain choice annals” were collected in his book Country Walks in Many Fields in 1934.

Here is Rydings’ essay about High Mountain, prefaced by a note from the book's Introduction.

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The Star is Back Atop High Mountain

I did a hike to the summit of High Mountain yesterday with a friend -- and saw a 20-foot-high solar-powered star near the top. I am told there used to be a huge star on the summit years ago.

Not sure who did it, or how long it will remain. If you can tell me more about it, would love to know.

The view was as great as ever.

P.S. Someone took it upon themselves to cut down some scraggly trees that blocked the view to the east on Nature Conservancy land.

A good idea, but hope they got permission. It ain't the Wild West.



High Mountain in the Spring

I have hiked to the summit of High Mountain three times in the past six days in conjunction with a new Nature Conservancy promotion. 

This is a great time of year for the hike -- saw my first NJ butterfly of the spring and quite a few birds there last Thursday, and heard Spring Peepers all three trips. Lots of neat mushrooms, rocks and other stuff along the way

The 1.5-mile hike to the summit is strenuous. It took me 30 minutes to reach the top, and I was walking briskly with no stops.  I would bring water and a snack, too. It's a great workout.

You begin at the start of the Red Trail at the Red Trail Parking Lot (below left) at William Paterson University and hike to Marry Me rock at the summit (below right).

That's Manhattan way in the distance. The views from the summit are great.


Take the High Mountain Challenge

High Mountain aerial
I am a big fan of the 1,260-acre High Mountain Park Preserve in Wayne and North Haledon and Wayne, ever since The Nature Conservancy sponsored a hike there nearly 10 years ago.

Now, to promote this great chunk of open space, TNC is partnering with NJ native and ultra-marathoner  Jessica Bagley to increase awareness of and visitation to High Mountain.

TNC is challenging visitors to hike/run to the summit and share a selfie using #highmountainchallenge on social media.

More on the challenge here and here.

A Kiosk for High Mountain

It wasn't easy, jack-hammering four 20-inch-deep holes into solid basalt, then assembling a very complicated kiosk with a half-baked set of instructions.

But a bunch of Nature Conservancy folks with a big assist from the New York New Jersey Trail Conference got the job done over two long hot days.

(A few shots of the project in progress are below, in no particular order.)

A huge thank you to Scott Sherwood, Damon Noe, Adrianna Zito-Livingston, Jennifer Wells and Ryan Smith of TNC and Chris Connolly and Alec Malyon of NYNJTC!

The Nature Conservancy provided the map and informational display for the kiosk, and it looks great. At the Red Trail Entrance by William Paterson University.

(Thanks to all!)

  DSCN1895                    Among the heavy-lifters (l. to r.):  Scott Sherwood, Alec Malyon, Chris Connolly, Ryan Smith and Jennifer Wells.