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High Mountain Clove, Late Aternoon

IMG_0598This is the view from the southern end of Franklin Clove. looking back through the ravine toward Franklin Lake.

Always great to see blue skies in January.

The water you see drops to a trickle by summer.

The clove, by the way, might be the closest you'll come to a "Last of the Mohicans" setting this side of upstate New York.  (Lenape native Americans wintered here 500 years ago.)

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The Lenape(s) at High Mountain

On a recent visit to the Mohonk Preserve, I happened upon a reproduction Lenape Longhouse, pictured above.

I share the photos because an extended family of Lenape(s) is said to have lived in a similar longhouse in Franklin Clove in what is now High Mountain Park Preserve.DSCN9957

The Lenape(s) used the clove's steep walls to protect them from the winds. They ice-fished in what is now Franklin Lake. And they got water in what is now called Buttermilk Falls.

In addition, their predecessors/ancestors lived in at least one rock shelter next to the clove.

I learned this from the late Jim Longo, Franklin Lakes historian and all-around good guy. (Jim's video about the Clove and the Lenape is featured below.) 

An old map featuring the falls and lake is at right. The clove would be at the bottom of the map. The line in the map is the border of Passaic and Bergen counties.

(The preserve is owned by Wayne Township, The Nature Conservancy and the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust.)

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High Mountain's Franklin Clove

One of my favorite places to wander is High Mountain's Franklin Clove, which offers history, pre-history, geology and natural history all rolled into one. Here are some of my recent photos from the ravine from both sides, plus a historic early American rock shelter.

It was the first of many discovered by the legendary Max Schrabish, an amateur archaeologist from Paterson. He discovered this one in 1900.

High Mountain Zoom Talk Info


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Aerial photo to the right is of the Clove and Franklin Lake (thanks to LightHawk for their help!).

You can download a High Mountain trail map here:

Download High-mountain-park-nature-preserve-trail-map

The late Franklin Lakes historian Jim Longo's video about Franklin Clove is below.