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Celery Farm Sunset 021717

IMG_2894Happened to be walking near the Pirie-Mayhood Tower near sunset yesterday and figured it might be worth hanging around.

The photo above is from the tower.

The one below is from the edge of Lake Appert -- accessible because of all of Gabriele Schmitt's hard work. (Thanks, Gaby!)

Which pic do you like more?



The Biggest CF Big Year Ever?
In 2008, the redoubtable Fred Weber tallied 192 species in the Celery Farm.

A link to my blog post on the record and to Fred's list for that year is here.

Does anyone know of a bigger Celery Farm Big Year?

Tomorrow: Fred Weber's Biggest Big Day (sounds like a children's book title).

(Thanks, Fred, and thanks for all you do for the Celery Farm!)

Checklist Mania: John Workman's Amazing 2006

   Several weeks back, after we got wind that Fred Weber has set the all-time Celery Farm Big Year, we asked Fred and several other top birders to share their Celery Farm Big Year checklists with us, to form something of an on-line archive of these amazing documents.
  John Workman, having recently awakened from a winter's slumber, finally shared his 2006 Big Year list with us -- 172 species.
  John not only lists the birds he recorded, but he includes a drawing and a list of "almosts."

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