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Amazing Old Celery Farm Images & More

A big thank you to Julie Jacobs for sharing several old Celery Farm calendars and photos from her parents,  Joan Jacobs Weiss and  Dr. B. Allen Weiss, who lived in Rio Vista for a decade many years ago.  I scanned a few of Joan’s most extraordinary images before passing along the donation to the Fyke Nature Association.

Included in the donation were three old calendars, which Tom Mitchell has scanned and placed them on the Fyke website.  You  can view the calendars from 2008, 2010, and 2011.

Above is what was known as the Old Lifeguard Stand. The Troop 59 Look Out! at the north end of Lake Appert now stands in its place.

Below are some great pix of some of the orange carp that delighted so many Ospreys and skaters. The Ospreys ate the easy to find carp, and the skaters used to see the carp through the ice in winter.

Also featured below: A view of the Allendale Brook before the amok populations of White-tailed Deer ate most of the native flora.