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The Death of a Screech Owl

I am saddened to report the death of a screech owl from Hillsdale. A friend brought the barely breathing raptor, wrapped in a towel,  to my home yesterday morning. I drove it to the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, where it died soon after. 

   The homeowner had seen the owl for the first time the day before, when it was perched on a porch lamp post, and she called for help when she found  it huddled nearby the following morning.

  The owl had no signs of trauma, and we are seeking a necropsy to find the cause of death.

    If the owl had lived, a volunteer would have taken it to The Raptor Trust, a non-profit animal hospital and rehab center for injured and orphaned birds of prey, but it never got that far. IMG_1903 (1)

   A few things come to mind:

  • It’s a tough life for raptors and other wild animals in our human world, and we would not even have known about this owl’s life or death if it had not been for some very caring individuals.
  •  Thank goodness for the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, The Raptor Trust, and their amazing staffs and volunteers.  Where we would turn for help without them?

   If you would like to help the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital help injured and orphaned wild animals, you can donate to their non-profit arm, the Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes, which  “is committed to providing care, comfort and compassion to injured and orphaned wildlife and finding forever homes for stray and abandoned domestic animals.  Funds are raised to help offset medical costs, to shelter and to provide financial support to animal owners.”

   If you would like to help The Raptor Trust, which has been a godsend for decades, go to and click the big “DONATE” button in the upper right.