The Death of a Screech Owl
Happy John Fell Day Today!

Seeing Stars with Lisa Fanning

Fyke has a terrific speaker next Friday. (Also a friend.)

Fri., April 26, 8pm - Monthly Meeting via Zoom

The Connection Between Migration & Astronomy with Lisa Fanning

Many people are familiar with the effects of solar eclipses on animal behavior, but what about the stars or moon phases? What is their link to the bird and animal world? How is migration impacted? Birder, conservationist, and amateur astronomer Lisa Fanning will explore these question and more along with interesting case studies.

Lisa is a longtime member and volunteer for Monmouth County Audubon and other conservation organizations across New Jersey. She is also the compiler for the Ramsey Christmas Bird Count along with her husband, Rob. She is a recipient of the Explore the Moon and Explore the Universe Observing Certificates from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, editor of the its Halifax Centre’s Nova Notes newsletter, creator of “Lisa’s Look Up!” on Facebook, a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton and contributor to their monthly online newsletter, Sidereal Times.

Email me for the Zoom link.