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December 2023

My Beast Ornament


I've always said that no Christmas tree is complete without a Beast ornament. Mine arrived today and immediately perched on an upper branch.

I must confess the other bird ornaments seem a bit nervous.

I got the photographic ornament by Debbie Quick on Zazzle.

Now the tree is complete. I hope the ornament doesn't disappear like its subject.

My Column: The Beast Is Missing

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 2.27.23 PM
The Beast, the charismatic Peregrine who has been an attraction at State Line Lookout, has not been seen in weeks.
I wrote a column for The Record about her disappearance, and it will run next Thursday. In the meantime, to my surprise, it is on The Record's website.
I hope you like it. Needless to say, I did not write the headline.
And here's hoping the Beast returns!

Evicting Squirrels, Step One

IMG_1215 (1)If you see leaves in the opening of your owl box, remove them -- but first, whack the owl box with a broomstick (while standing off to the side) to evict any furry lodgers.

Repeat as necessary, until the squirrel gives up. Owls won't nest there if a squirrel has taken up residence.

For more advice, buy The Screech Owl Companion. (It includes plans by my co-authow Scott Weston for a squirrel-resistant owlbox).