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Here's to Some Amazing Celery Farm Volunteers

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The Celery Farm has an incredible new volunteer crew that has laid siege to the nature preserve's invasive plants.

I was fortunate to see them as they exited the preserve after attacking the ubiquitous autumn olives, and  I rushed to take the snapshot above as they reached the kiosk. (Apologies for the poor photo.)

Neil MacLennan, their unofficial ringleader, provided their  names. They are, from left to right: Christian Alcaide, Amy & Tom Bevacqua, Neil, Jeff Dugan and Lee Stoeski.

Neil notes:  "We have a group of seven great energetic volunteers at present, and we have put in 107 hours in the past month with work at Phair’s Pond, Fred’s meadow, and the eastside trail along Allendale Brook.

"Our concentration has been mostly focused on removing Autumn Olives with a current count of over 600 shrubs.Frank Alcaide ( Christian’s father) was not present for the photo but he has been an outstanding contributor to the progress we have made."

Bravo! Thank you on behalf of everyone who loves the Celery Farm.

Want to help? You can sign up to volunteer on the Fyke website (  or use the QR code at the kiosk.