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Monday Hawk Watch Mystery Part 5

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In honor of the fall raptor migration, I'm posting a series of five photos of a hawk watch in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, and see who can name the hawk watch. This is the last of five.

My final hawk watch mystery is a fairly easy one. If you've been here, you know the answer.

I spent a week here as writer in residence a year and a half ago, when I was writing The Screech Owl Companion. The book arrives in two weeks from Timber Press. (Sorry about the shameless plug, but...)

The walking stick was carved with a snake on the handle. The carver was a hawk-watcher extraordinaire.

Bonus points if you can I.D. the carver or explain the tradition behind the basket.

This is the last of five Monday hawk watch mysteries. I hope you enjoyed them.

Here are the previous four: