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The 1st 'Screech Owl' Book Review

Just came across a review of  The Screech Owl Companion in Booklist, a book review site for public libraries.

The Screech Owl Companion Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.38.18 PM
Everything You Need to Know
About These Beneficial Raptors.

By Jim Wright and Scott WestonOct. 2023. 212p. illus. Timber, paper, $24.99

   Screech owls are enchanting neighbors, as journalist and birding columnist Wright discovered when he and his wife installed an owl nest box 50 feet from their living room. These "most amazing creatures you'll seldom see" are the stars of this combination of natural history and how-to book. 

   Beginning with the basics of screech owl biology, general owl anatomy and behavior, owl superstitions, owl protection, and owl species, Wright and owl expert Weston move on to the heart of the book -- hosting screech owls in nest boxes. 

    As they point out, screech owls are very adaptive to urban and suburban areas with trees and green spaces. They detail discovering suitable sites for boxes, dealing with pesky squirrels (who love owl boxes), the basics of box building, and installation. The use of nest cams to monitor owl tenants and attendant software and apps is the pièce-de-résistance.

   Full of beautiful photos and illustrations,  ... with sidebars featuring owl-oriented quotations and other books about owls, this gem of a manual will satisfy all levels of owl lovers.

     --Nancy Bent

   YA/S: Perfect for natural-history-loving teens and a natural for scout projects.