Butterflies Are Free(d)
Monday Hawk Watch Mystery Answered

State Line Hawk Watch: More Broad-wings!

I helped count at State Line yesterday,

Here are the totals:

Observation Start Time (EST) -9 am
Observation End Time (EST) -   4 pm
Total minutes - 420 minutes
Official Counter(s) - Gil Hawkins, Jim Wright
Observers - Rob, Brian, Barb, Heidi, Tom, Karl, Karen, Joel, Ken, Sally, Isaac, Alec, et al.
Brief Weather Summary - Temps in mid-seventies, slight breeze out of north, sky had light clouds, 10- mile visibility

Daily Totals 

Osprey -8
Bakd Eagkes - 4
Sharpies -  70
Coops -  10
Red-shoulders -4
Broad-wings - 1682
Red-Tails -   14
Kestrels -  18
Monarchs - 4

Bazillion lanternflies, including one that try to steal the clipboard (above).  He paid dearly.

Otherwise great day