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Inside the Exclosure: The Next Fyke Talk

Deer Exclosure
Fyke's next talk is via Zoom on Fri., Sept. 22, at 8 p.m.

During this presentation, plant i.d. expert and Fyke Nature Publicity Chair Mike Lefebvre takes us where no deer has gone before, or at least for the past four years: the Celery Farm's deer exclosure.

After 4 years of the exclosure protecting a patch of woods inside the 107-acre Celery Farm Nature Preserve, it’s time to look at the flora growing there in the absence of deer grazing.
Deer exclosures are used as best practices in forest management when white-tailed deer browsing becomes an issue. The deer exclosure helps protect, establish and increase regeneration of native plants.
Mike takes us inside the exclosure for a look at what’s growing in the deer-free forest understory.

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Since 2015, Fyke meeting costs have been funded by generous grants from the Winifred M. and George P. Pitkin Foundation.