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The 2024 CF Calendars Are Here!

2024coverThe 2024 Celery Farm calendars are now on sale at Lee Memorial Library (500 W. Crescent Ave.) for a $20 donation to the Fyke Nature Association.

We are including an extra day (Feb. 29, a Thursday) at no additional cost, and you are free to use the day as you wish.

Fyke is the volunteer group that maintains the Celery Farm for the borough of Allendale.

Photographers for this year's calendar are Brian Jenkins, Leslie Young, Stephanie Swanzey, Nancy Motto, Kevin Watson, Great Egret (just checking to see if you're still reading), Mike Gallo, Nick Sweatlock, Tom Mitchell, Alan Pomerantz, Lynn McKenzie, Mike Limatola, and me. Mike L. also did the calendar itself. (Thanks, Mike!)