Meadowlands Birding Festival Schedule
Monday Hawk Watch Mystery Part 3

A New Hour-on-the-Tower Record

John Bird reports:

Beautiful morning at the Celery Farm - sunny, calm, low/mid 50's.

An astonishingly great morning for birding - the trees near the IMG_0454 WW were alive with Warblers and Vireos.

A somewhat depleted team of 5 (John, Charley, Gaby, Julie, Amir) achieved a record tally for the Hour-on-the Tower of 46 species, eclipsing the previous high total of 42.

This included 16 warbler species and 4 Vireos - certainly our best fall day for Warblers ever!

Our joint Birds of the day were a Philadelphia Vireo and a Blackburnian Warbler. And we managed to miss Canada Goose/Robin/Carolina Wren, no shorebirds....!

List follows;

Mallard, Wood Duck, GB Heron, Gt Egret, Green Heron, Osprey, R/S Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, C Swift, MoDo,

16 Warblers:- Yellow, C Y'throat, Y/Rumped, Palm, Redstart, B&W, N Parula, N Waterthrush, B/T Green, B/T Blue, Tennessee, Blackburnian, Magnolia, Chestnut/S, Bay-breasted, Blackpoll,

4 Vireos - Red-eyed, Warbling, Blue-headed, Philadelphia,

A Crow, Blue Jay, C Grackle, Red/W B'bird, Phoebe, Cardinal, Catbird, Flicker, Red-bellied W/p, Downy W/p,

Hairy W/p, W/B Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, B/C Chickadee, House Finch, Goldfinch.

Congratulations on an amazing record!