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Stiles Thomas Obituary in HMANA Magazine

As you likely know, Allendale's Stiles Thomas was a pioneer in studying hawk migration and establishing hawk watches in our region.

The fall issue of the Hawk Migration Association of North America's Hawk Migration Studies magazine devoted a full page to my article on Stiles.

The article quotes Judy Cinquina, Deedee Burnside and Dave Schwenker.

You can read the obituary and the rest of the fall issue here:

You can download a pdf of the cover and article here:

Download HMANA Stiles obit

My Talk about High Mountain & Clove

JW High Mountain Franklin Clove LightHawk
My free talk about nearby High Mountain and its historic Clove is Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Mahwah Public Library. You can attend in person or via Zoom.

High Mountain is a 1,1600-acre nature preserve in nearby Passaic County. The Clove is a geological and historic gem located at the north end of the preserve.

Too few people know about either. I've been visiting and learning about High Mountain and its Clove for 14 years. I will introduce the attractions to be found there including High Mountain and the scenic small ravine a nearby waterfall, rare plants, local wildlife and a human history that predates the Lenapes by more than a millennium.  

You can learn more here: