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August 2023

Sad News about Hans Sammer

I am sorry to report that long-time Celery Farm supporter, Allendale resident and all-around great guy  Hans Sammer has died. 
Hans was the guy with the biggest smile whenever you saw him. He and his dear wife Dora lived on Green Way for many years, and Hans mowed the Green Way path and beyond in the Celery Farm before they moved to Wyckoff a few years ago.
You can find info on the funeral arrangements here:
Sorry to pass along the sad news.

In Praise of Marsh Mallows

IMG_0017 (1)

"In August the marshes are as remarkable for their flowers as for their birds," the great Frank Chapman once wrote of the Meadowlands more than a century ago.

"The great rose mallow is doubtless the most beautiful as it is also one of the most abundant species, acres sometimes being pink with the bell-shaped flowers."

I took the photo above on a recent trip to the Meadowlands' DeKorte Park with Bergen County Camera.


The Latest from State Line

Spent 90 minutes at State Line yesterday. The lookout was mostly a ghost town. (That will surely change soon.)

Things picked up around 3 p.m., when I saw four Bald Eagles, five Ospreys, and three Peregrines (the Beast, a hatch-year PEFA, and one I only saw the silhouette so not sure).

Spotted Lanternflies were everywhere.

One young man was flying a drone. I pointed out the sign that said it was illegal, and he (politely) said he had just seen the sign and was stopping ...

Also saw a guy on the edge of the cliff with his toddler.  (Apparently didn't see all the signs.) Some behaviors never change.

P.S.: I just read where Barry Higgins, Rob Helder and Jim Reilly trimmed the sumac that was partially obscuring the view. Thanks, guys!