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My High Mountain Talk Is August 7

JW High Mountain Franklin Clove LightHawk (1)

All About High Mountain and the Clove with Jim Wright

Mahwah Public Library

Monday, Aug. 7, at 7 p.m.

High Mountain is a 1,160-acre nature preserve in nearby Passaic County. The Clove is a geological and historic gem located at the north end of the preserve. Too few people know about either. 

Local nature writer Jim Wright, who does the Bird Watcher column for The Record, has been visiting and learning about High Mountain and its Clove for over a decade. 

Jim will introduce the attractions to be found there, including the scenic small ravine itself, a nearby waterfall, rare plants, local wildlife and a human history that predates the Lenapes by more than a millennium.  

The talk is free. The library is located at 100 Ridge Road, Mahwah.

You can register here:


Moth Night!


Had perfect weather for last night's National Moth week event at the John Fell House.

A big thank to Elena Tartaglia for giving a quick talk on these misunderstood night-time wonders and putting up her moth lights.

We showed the original "Mothra" instead of the traditional "Mothra Vs. Godzilla."

Word to the wise: Stick with the latter.

The Rock of Allendale

Stiles plaque IMG_9610

With just a little fanfare this weekend, a new plaque was unveiled at the Celery Farm in memory of Stiles Thomas, who spent decades leading the fight to save these precious wetlands and whobecame the first marsh warden of the nature preserve.
The plaque is on a glacial erratic near Phairs Pond.
The Thomas Family sponsored the plaque, and local sculptor Mike Bertelli made it happen.

Stiles Thomas plaqueIMG_3387