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Monday Morning Mystery Answered

IMG_8863 (1)
Probably not the best choice of mysteries -- a broken egg in my drive. I believe it was a Mallard egg, taken by a raccoon we have seen in our yard.

This week I found the nest (above), in our front yard next to the house.  I wonder if Mallards, like Red-shoulders and Screech Owls, are nesting near humans for a bit more protection from predators. Too bad it didn't work.

My Column: Cool NJ Raptor Webcams

My column in The Record today is about three excellent New Jersey-based live-streaming raptor cams.

You can check out the cams here:

Osprey cam:

Peregrine Cam:

Duke Farms Eagle Cam (Eaglets almost ready to fledge)

You can read the column here:

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Help Us Honor Stiles Thomas

Stiles at Mount Peter Jim Wright
The Fyke Nature Association, the volunteer group that maintains the Celery Farm, wants to compile a web page in memory of Stiles Thomas, who did so much for so many over the years.

Do you have a special memory of Stiles, and perhaps a digital photo of him?  Please send them to [email protected], and spread the word.

Thank you.


Last Week's Mystery Answered

Img20230419_20520290Last week I asked:

What's wrong with this old mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner?

Maureen Gibbs answered correctly: "The title."  Owls blink.

Julie McCall added: The size difference between the owl and the woman is entirely misrepresented. The owl is more appropriately dressed for the weather than the woman is. The price of 75c is too exorbitant. 

I am actually reading the book, which was first published in 1940.  It was re-issued in the late 1960s with a femme fatale on the cover and some "sexy" language on the back cover.

Do not judge this book by its cover. It's quite sedate and proper.

Remembering Our Dear Friend Stiles

Img20230508_10361529 (1)
The other night, when my wife Patty and I got word that our dear friend Stiles Thomas was in failing health, I scribbled down some thoughts …


Stiles Thomas has been, without a doubt, one of the most influential people in my life, and in the lives of so many others. Stiles had a true gift: He not only loved birds and nature, but he created a ripple effect. He taught us to love them as well.

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