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Statue Mystery Answered

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On Monday I wrote:

This bird statue lost its plaque and was about to be thrown away before a friend rescued it.

Can you name the bird -- and ( a real long shot) the sculptor?

To my amazement, someone identified the sculptor.

Jennifer Sullivan wrote: "Looks like a Bronze by Michael Naranjo. Nice!"

(Well done, Jennifer!)

For more about this incredible sculptor -- a Native American and Vietnam War veteran -- watch the terrific video below and also click here:

As for the bird species, I'm thinking it is a mythic bird, but perhaps there's no right or wrong answer.

P.S.: The statue will be saved. This might be my favorite Monday Morning Mystery ever.


Save the Date: Stiles Thomas Day

On Saturday, June 17, Allendale is honoring the memory of Stiles Thomas, human extraordinaire, with a remembrance in the Celery Farm at 11 a.m. and a celebration at the historic Fell House from 3 to 5 p.m.


Stiles, who died earlier this month at age 99, was a lifelong Allendale resident, Celery Farm Nature Preserve catalyst, World War II veteran, family guy, hawk-watch pioneer, local insurance man, and all-around great person.


Details to follow.