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Turtle Update


A  big thank to the Allendale Police Department for putting up the "Turtle Crossing" warning sign across from the Fell House. All kinds of turtles cross the road there this time of year, especially in the morning.

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

This morning on the Franklin Turnpike by the Fell House. She went to the Fell House to admire the flags and the Garden Club's garden, failed to lay eggs, and headed back to the Celery Farm, probably laying her eggs in my yard.

Drive slowly.

Good news: the turtle made it safely and I got a big promotion.


June 17: Stiles Thomas Day

Stiles hawk
On Saturday, June 17, Allendale is honoring the memory of Stiles Thomas, human extraordinaire. There's a remembrance in the Celery Farm Nature Preserve at 11 a.m. and a celebration at the nearby historic Fell House from 3 to 5 p.m.

At 11 a.m., the Fyke Nature Association is having a remembrance/memorial service at the Lopez Bench, east of Phair's Pond. Meet at the Green Way entrance.

From 3 to 5 p.m. at the event at the Fell House, You can help remember Stiles by telling a (brief) story about Siles, sharing one of his jokes, or participating in a yodeling contest. 

We’re planning to have a slide show featuring Stiles and his friends and family, plus a display of some of his carvings and his boxing gear.

We’ll supply some snacks but please bring your own beverage.

If you have a digital photo of Stiles you’d like to include in the slide show, email it to [email protected].

The Green Way entrance to the Celery Farm is at the end of Green Way, off the Frankin Turnpike. Please do not block driveways or mailboxes. Green Way: 

The Fell House is located at 475 Franklin Turnpike, caddy-corner from the Celery Farm parking lot. You can park on the northbound side of the Franklin Turnpike so long as you don’t park on the sidewalk (against state law; you could get a ticket, and it's tough on pedestrians).

Spread the word.

Monday Morning Mystery 052923

Image(7)A friend sent me a message last month asking what she should do with this egg she saw on the railing on her deck. Egg is about a half-inch in diameter. By the time I saw her message, it was too late...

What's the egg, and what would your advice have been?