A Bat Surprise
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Bat Rescue Update

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In yesterday's post, I described how I found a distressed bat on the side steps of my house. I called the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, and Tyco Animal Control brought the bat there.

The last I heard, the bat is on the mend. The animal hospital reports:

"We see them often like this. They migrate and if it’s too cold and no insects they become obtunded. We get them warmed up and have a very attentive bat person that picks them up. Often they are released when weather is better or get driven south if too cold."

(A special shout-out to the animal hospital's Donna Pontrelli, who gives injured birds and bats some extra TLC. She also sent the photo of our bat in a rehab place.) 

I'd also like to thank Joe D'Angeli for his advice, and everyone else who took an interest.