Monday Bonus Mystery Answered
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Another Bat Update

Our rescued bat is now with a rehabber, doing well, and waiting for a few warm nights to return tio the wild.

A big thank you to Donna Pontrelli, Dr. Pomerantz, and all the other folks at the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital for making this happen!

My friend Dorcas writes: "Thinking it is either as big brown (Eptesicus) or little brown (Myotis). Not a migrator. They hibernate, roost, behind shutters of houses, in attics or such places.

"They stir when first warm teas arrive and they are hungry - only to find little in way of insect life to feed on. The two species are among the most beneficial mammals in suburbia."

(Thanks, Dorcas!)

I have been told "our" bat is a Big Brown Bat.