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Stepping Up For the Celery Farm!

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Deputy Marsh Warden Gabriele Schmitt writes:

Maybe you've been wondering ..... just when is Stepping Up for The Celery Farm happening this year?
Well, wonder no more. The dates are set: April 29 - 30; raindates: May 6 - 7. 
I'm always pleased to coordinate this event, the annual fundraiser for our favorite 107-acre wetland and nature preserve. It's a terrific opportunity for people of all ages and birding levels, to walk the paths, to see, identify and count the many beautiful birds that visit during Spring Migration.
By taking part, you also raise funds to help ensure the future of this beautiful natural space. Loss of habitat continues to be a critical factor in species decline. Our 107 acres provide a place to rest, to nest, and to raise the next generation of birds and other wildlife.
 As always, your pledge monies and donations will directly fund vital maintenance and improvement projects at The Celery Farm. We do not receive any funding from the Borough or the State of NJ; we rely totally on receiving your membership dues, your donations and this fundraiser.
Stepping Up For The Celery Farm Pledge Form – 2023 
Send your pledge by e-mail to Kurt Muenz: [email protected]. If you don't have email, you can mail your pledge to: 
                 Fyke Nature Association
                 PO Box 141
                 Ramsey, NJ  07446
Yes, I want to support Stepping Up by making a pledge per bird species seen. I understand that between 65 (2020) to 93 (2014) species have been recorded, however, the total could be higher if conditions are ideal. 
My pledge is: ___$1/species ___$.75/species ___$.50/species  ___$.25/species $_____/species 
You are welcome to come and bird anytime The Celery Farm is open - from dawn to dusk. You can walk around (please stay on the paths) or you can bird from one of the platforms. Please email me ([email protected]) when you're planning to be there on Apr. 29-30; it helps me to cover potential empty time slots. 
This will be my 11th Stepping Up.... I am always grateful for your participation and support.
Thank you!