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Celery Farm Clean-up: Stay Tuned

Deputy Marsh Warden Gaby Schmitt writes:

Hi everyone!

Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow morning, we may have to move the cleanup to Sunday. Don't want anyone slip-sliding on wet, muddy trails just to chase down trash.

I'll check it out around 8 a.m. and send an email to confirm. (And I will try to post here...)

The Vultures Return

If you visited the Celery Farm on Wednesday afternoon, you might have seen the vultures in my neighbor's yard again.

This time it was Black Vultures walking around. Gotta love those chalky white legs.

Below, a shot from Sunday's TV fun.





My Column: Flaco the Celebrity Eagle Owl

Eurassion Eagle Owl 0Virrazzi 0B0A5087 (2)My latest column for The Record is all about Flaco, the Eurasian Eagle Owl who escaped from the zoo after his cage was vandalized. You can read it here. (A big thank you to zoologist Fred Virrazzi for his photograph of the eagle owl.)

Fred notes: "If the bird is not impacting the local native ecology and wildlife it's technically not an invasive. At this point, Flaco is not posing a threat to any park component. Escaped, invasive Mandarin Ducks have caused serious open-space problems.

   "As far as Flaco enjoying his freedom, that is what Americans rightfully value for themselves. We observed Flaco seemingly stressed by crows a few times. The literature is unclear on emotions in birds; Flaco is unlikely recognizing the esoteric idea of being free flying vs being in a cage, although his former enclosure was too small. It's our habit to project our values onto animals but it's often a stretch."

   You can read the column here:

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Celery Farm Clean-up Is Saturday!

IMG_0624 (1)
The annual Celery Farm cleanup is this Saturday, April 1, and that's no joke.

We'll meet at 9 a.m. at the end of Green Way for a few hours of active conservation. We hope you will join us to spruce up the preserve.

Many hands make light work! Marsh Warden Mike Limatola is the Coordinator, 201-739-8062 or [email protected]. Rain date is April 2.

A pair of gloves might come in handy.