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Sad News about a Great Man & Great Artist

Fletcher High Mountain
I learned this week about the death of a dear old friend, Bob Fletcher, a wonderful artist who lived with his wife Betty in Warwick, N.Y.

Back when I lived up that way, I had seen his fine-arts prints of Warwick scenes in a local bookshop and immediately became a huge fan.

Patty, Corie and I would visit Bob and Betty at their farm, admire Bob's paintings, and bask in the warmth of their friendship and kindness.

Of all his paintings, the one that stays with me is one that Bob did from a childhood memory of North Haledon. It is pictured above.

Bob said (and I hope I get this right) that in the winter, after a heavy snowfall, the sight of the local bus plowing snow meant that the school would soon be open.

Later, when I fell in love with High Mountain, I remembered Bob's wintry print.

There in the background, beckoning like a beacon, is High Mountain.

Bob will always be in our hearts.