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The Ultimate Avian Ale?

IMG_7907When it comes to adult beverages named after rare endemic birds, it's tough to top one of my Christmas presents: a can of Turducken Ale.

Note: The Turducken is, appropriately, a triple IPA, which will have you flying in no time.

In an ideal world, it would be a can of Wild Turducken Ale. (Attn: Trillium Brewing Company, purveyors of the domestic version.)

As some may know, I have spent years in pursuit of the Wild Turducken in The Nature Conservancy's High Mountain Park Preserve. The Wild Turducken is widely considered to be a legendary trifecta of avian perfection.

I think I may have heard the bird on several occasions, but am awaiting an updated version of the Merlin bird-call app to confirm.

I heard about beer on my recent trip to Cuba (go figure!), and then got a can as a present. Who says there's no Santa Claus?

Here's an earlier post, about my discovery of a likely Wild Turducken egg: