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Ready for a 2023 Celery Farm Big Year?

With the new year upon us, I thought it might be fun to see if anyone is interested in doing a Celery Farm Big Year.

I found an old unused checklist and scanned it,  The only trouble is that the checklist is a very weird size and impossible to scan on my printer.

What you see here is the best I could do -- the two sheets have all the birds, just not all the seasons or abbreviations.

The rules are simple -- keep track of every bird species you see or hear in the Celery Farm in 2023, and then add 'em up on Dec. 31.

I can probably do a two-sided printout for anyone who wants one. Just let me know. Or use eBird.

Want to do it as a team? Knock yourself out.

I hope to post some of the incredible Big Years done by Fred Weber, Ron Fanning, John Workman and Stiles Thomas.

Legends all.

Holler if you have any questions.