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Monday Morning Mystery 11212022

Great Story on Our Regional Hawk Watches

Stiles at Hawk Mountain Jim Wright
Tom Mitchell has been revamping the Fyke Nature Association website and unearthed an article  about Stiles Thomas and the formative impact he had on Northeast hawk watches -- especially Mount Peter, Hook Mountain and State Line.

(Above is a pic of Stiles at Pennsylvania's legendary Hawk Mountain from many years ago.)

The 2014 article by Paul Roberts also provides a lot of fascinating history about our area hawk watches along the way.  Until Tom brought it to my attention, I had forgotten about it.

As State Line Hawk Watch celebrates its 25th year in 2022, the article is especially of interest.  You can find it on this Fyke webpage. Just click on the last link to download it:

Another Fyke webpage has lots of other Stiles stuff:

(Thanks, Tom!)