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The Old Christmas Bird Count Map

Fyke CBCmap (1)
Above is a scan of John Brotherton's Christmas Bird Count map of the Ramsey circle.

The map, though musty, is a glimpse of our region before it got developed to a fare-thee-well. The map includes a ZIPcode for Hagstrom, so it can't be older than 1963.

Fyke got the map scanned, and it's now on view on the Fyke website.

You can download it here, and see how undeveloped this area was 50 years ago. You can enlarge the map and see amazing details.

Does anyone know how old it is, and who drew the circle, etc., and who did the lettering?

Get Your 2023 Celery Farm Calendar!

2023 Celery Farm calendar
   Looking for the perfect present to give this holiday season -- one that helps the Celery Farm?
   Consider the 2023 Celery Farm calendars, featuring beautiful color images taken at your favorite nature preserve.
   Featured photographers are Bob Kane, Alan Pomerantz, Brian Jenkins, John Pastore, Mike Gallo, Stephanie Swanzey, Nick Sweatlock, Sally Teschon, Nancy Motto, Tom Mitchell, Thomas Jaeger, Lynn McKenzie, Mike Limatola and yours truly. (Thanks, all!)
   As always, the calendar is packed with holidays and locally essential dates.
   The calendars sell for $20 and are available at Allendale's Lee Memorial Library.
Calendar proceeds go to support the Fyke Nature Association, the all-volunteer group that maintains the nature preserve for the Borough of Allendale.
   Thank you, Lee Memorial Library!

Answer to a Recent Monday Mystery

IMG_7027 (1)
Two weeks ago, I asked:

What's wrong with this picture?

If you're a serious birder, you'll know why this is annoying...

Two followers of this blog have the right answer: The bird on the box is not a nighthawk. It is a raptor of some sort, but nighthawks are not raptors.  I recall they may be goatsuckers. Can't make this stuff up.