Monday Morning Mystery 09122022
Early Morning, DeKorte Park

Caterpillars & Cocoons @ the Library

Horatio hornworm IMG_6603
A quick update on the caterpillars and cocoons on display at Allendale's Lee Memorial Library.

Horatio Hornworm (above) has apparently burrowed into the dirt in his pot, and may remain there until next spring.

The Monarch caterpillars are now Monarch chrysalises, and last week several library-goers witnessed a caterpillar becoming a chrysalis. I wish I had a camera and a tripod to do video but it happened really quickly.

Here's the sequence (the first two images were taken through the clear plastic, hence the slight blur.)

The Milkweed Tussock Moths have likely gone to ground as well. the cocoons look like little mudballs.

As the library's Butterfly Summer winds down, I have to say that I sure have learned a lot, met so many nice parents and children, and seen some memorable moments from Mother Nature.

A big thank you to the Pitkin Foundation for its support.