Save the Date: Zoom Talk about High Mountain
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Save the Date: Zoom Talk about High Mountain

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On Tuesday, Sept. 20, I will present a free Zoom talk for the Master Gardeners of  Bergen County... I will post the link when it becomes available. here's the info...

All About High Mountain and the Clove

High Mountain is a 1,160-acre nature preserve in nearby Passaic County. The Clove is a geological and historic gem located at the north end of the preserve. Too few people know about either.

Local nature writer Jim Wright, who does the Bird Watcher column for The Record, has been visiting and learning about High Mountain and its Clove for over a decade.

Attractions include the scenic small ravine itself, a nearby waterfall, rare plants, local wildlife and a human history that predates the Lenapes by more than a millennium.

Jim will also talk briefly about local efforts to get New Jersey to ban rat-poison bait stations. These poisons are lethal to raptors, other wildlife, and pets.

Jim apologizes for the use of the third person in this writeup.

Photo of the Clove courtesy of Jim Wright/TNC/LightHawk