Tonight Is Moth Night at the Fell House
Monday Morning Butterfly Mystery 072522

What a Moth Night!

Last night's National Moth Week kickoff at the historic John Fell House was one nifty event.

It featured:

  • A terrific talk on moths by National Moth Week founder Elena Tartaglia.
  • Amazing insects attracted to Elena's moth light, including assorted moths, a Dobsonfly and two lichen bugs. (I will post more on this bug this week.)
  • An outdoor screening of "Mothra Vs. Godzilla," Uae thsi Mosura_trailer_-_Mothra_flyingfeaturing  a giant moth, giant caterpillars and more -- all on Lee Memorial Library's incredible new outdoor projector, screen and sound system.
  • Lots of moth fans, movie fans, and moth-movie fans.
  • Free popcorn and bottled water.

Brought to you by Lee Memorial Library, the Fell House and the Fyke Nature Association with help from a grant from the Pitkin Foundation.

A big thank you to all who participated.

IMG_2068        Photo by Patty Finn