Monday Morning Butterfly Mystery 072522
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A Memorable Butterfly Release

Yesterday evening, I stopped by Lee Memorial Library to release a newly hatched Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

Several youngsters were on hand to watch. Since we did not have a name ready, I asked an adorable young boy named Declan what to name it.

He giggled and turned shy, so I made an executive decision and named the butterfly "Lillian," after long-time Allendale resident Lillian Thomas, who now lives in Massachusetts and turns 99 next month.

When we went outside to release Lillian, the butterfly stayed on my thumb long enough for folks to take a photo.

I then showed Lillian to Declan, who giggled again as she flew off.

I asked Declan what he wanted to name the next butterfly.  His reply: "Sally."

His mom said she had no idea how he came up with the name, but "Sally" it is. We'll also name a future butterfly after a certain charming young boy.

The photos are of Lillian on my thumb (photo by Carmela Calabro(, Lillian just before her release, a closeup of her empty chrysalis, and Declan admiring Lillian (photo by Bernadette McCabe Kelly).

Closeup of Lillian and my thumb by Carmela Calabro; photo of Declan admiring Lillian by Bernadette McCabe Kelly. (Click image to enlarge.)