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Monday Morning Mystery Answered


On Monday, I asked:

What happened here? My neighbor's shutter appears t be the scene of a crime.

But what?

(I know the likely answer only because I once witnessed it happen...)

The likely answer, from Lisa Potash: "Something bat-related."

I think a raptor pinned a bat against this shutter as it returned from a night of foraging, and all that remained was a bat wing.


Online Auction: The Bond Package

This weekend is the big silent auction to benefit The Raptor Trust.

Here is the package I donated -- the result of my book about the ornithologist and author James Bond, whose name was stolen by Ian Fleming for his 007:

* A signed copy of my book The Real James Bond.
* A new Blu-Ray copy of Goldfinger.
* A signed Real James Bond coffee mug, uniquely inscribed,
* A  later edition of Birds of the West Indies (by James Bond).
* A first edition of How James Bond Got His Name by Mrs. James Bond.
* A new toy Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre.
You can read more about this weekend's events at The Raptor Trust -- a godsend for hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, and dickie birds --  here:

Crestwood: Caution, Nesting Killdeer

Pete Branigan discovered a Killdeer nesting at Crestwood Lake yesterday and promptly marked off the area with yellow caution tape. (Great job, Pete!)

Killdeer nest every few years at the park, so please give them a wide berth. They are amaing birds.

Please let dog watchers know to keep their distance -- and to keep their dogs on a leash...

Here's a "Bird Watcher" column I wrote about these charming shorebirds six years ago when another Killdeer nested at  -- you guessed it --Crestwood Lake.

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