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My Column: More Mealworms

Dilger Carolina Wren mealworms)                                            This Carolina Wren in Waldwick is one of the many birds that love to feast on mealworm entrees.

My latest Bird Watcher column for The Record and other USA Today Newspapers in New Jersey is more about mealworms -- featuring advice from birders and other readers.

The column features a potentially terrific mealworm shot by Barbara Dilger. Too bad that Carolina Wren raided the buffet and photo-bombed the picture.

You can read the column here:

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Calling All Caterpillars!

Allendale's Lee Memorial Libary wants your caterpillars!

Once again, the library is hosting butterflies in the making.
If you see a caterpillar on fennel, milkweed, parsley or dill in your yard, bring it to the library and we’ll help protect it until it climbs into its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly.
The library has also ordered several cages that Allendale residents can raise the caterpillar at home.
A Black Swallowtail Caterpillar is already taking advantage of its digs in the library and is now accepting visitors.
"Butterfly Summer" is funded by a generous grant from the Winifred M. and George P. Pitkin Foundation.

Monday Morning Mystery 06132022

Ginny Chucka writes:

Woke Saturday to the sounds of Bluejays making a ruckus flying in and out where the Blue Jays made a nest (babies).

My front bushes have five nests this year: Robin, Wren, Robin, Blue Jay, Wren.

I did find small Blue Jays feathers below the nest, and there were two crows that day and a cardinal that was watching.

What do you think is going on?

I took a guess....Will let you know my answer later this week.