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Stepping Up for the Celery Farm

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I thought this might be helpful for anyone still wanting to step up for the Celery Farm. We had 75 bird species!

Gaby Schmitt writes:

Hi everyone!
Our two-day, annual bird inventory and fundraiser is this weekend. We're seeing some more birds moving through - a Palm Warbler and a Yellow Warbler made appearances yesterday. And so far, the forecast is looking good.
Our Treasurer, Kurt Muenz tells me we're below last year's pledges and donations, so please help. We do not receive any financial assistance from the borough of Allendale, so we depend on financial support from our members and the birding community. 
For the pledge/donation information, please see below.
Stepping Up For The Celery Farm Pledge Form – 2022 
Send your pledge by e-mail to Kurt Muenz: [email protected]. If you do not have email, you can mail your pledge to Kurt Muenz, 25 Berry Place, Glen Rock, NJ 07452 
Yes, I want to support Stepping Up by making a pledge per bird species seen. I understand that 60 to 80 species may be recorded, however, the total could be higher if conditions are ideal. 
My pledge is: __$1/species __$.75/species __$.50/species __$.25/species $___/species 
The STEPPING UP FOR THE CELERY FARM 2021 list  of 80 species: 
1.  Canada Goose  
2.  Wood Duck  
3.  Blue-winged Teal  
4.  Mallard  
5.  Wild Turkey
6.  Mourning Dove 
7.  Ruby-throated Hummingbird  
8.  Double-crested Cormorant  
9.  Great Blue Heron  
10. Great Egret  
11. Green Heron  
12. Turkey Vulture  
13.  Red-shouldered Hawk  
14.  Red-tailed Hawk 
15.  Broad-wing Hawk
16.  Northern Harrier
17.  Red-bellied Woodpecker  
18.  Downy Woodpecker  
19.  Hairy Woodpecker  
20.  Pileated Woodpecker  
21.  Northern Flicker 
22.  Belted Kingfisher
23.  Least Flycatcher  
24.  Eastern Phoebe  
25.  Great Crested Flycatcher
26.  Eastern Kingbird  
27.  Warbling Vireo  
28.  Red-eyed Vireo
29.  White-eyed Vireo
30.  Blue Jay  
31.  American Crow  
32.  Fish Crow  
33.  Common Raven  
34.  Black-capped Chickadee  
35.  Tufted Titmouse  
36.  Chimney Swift
37.  Northern Rough-winged Swallow  
38.  Tree Swallow  
39.  Barn Swallow  
40.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet  
41.  White-breasted Nuthatch  
42.  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  
43.  House Wren 
44.  Carolina Wren  
45.  European Starling  
46.  Gray Catbird  
47.  Northern Mockingbird  
48.  Veery  
49.  American Robin  
50.  House Sparrow  
51.  House Finch  
52.  Purple Finch  
53.  American Goldfinch  
54.  Field Sparrow  
55.  Chipping Sparrow
56.  White-crowned Sparrow  
57.  Song Sparrow  
58.  Swamp Sparrow  
59.  Dark-eyed Junco
60.  Eastern Towhee  
61.  Baltimore Oriole  
62.  Red-winged Blackbird  
63.  Brown-headed Cowbird  
64.  Common Grackle  
65.  Northern Waterthrush  
66.  Black-and-white Warbler  
67.  Common Yellowthroat  
68.  Chestnut-sided Warbler
69.  American Redstart  
70.  Northern Parula  
71.  Yellow Warbler
72.  Black-throated Blue Warbler  
73.  Palm Warbler  
74.  Pine Warbler  
75.  Yellow-rumped Warbler  
76.  Prairie Warbler  
77. Canada Warbler  
78.  Scarlet Tanager  
79.  Northern Cardinal  
80.  Rose-breasted Grosbeak