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Here's to Hyper-Humus

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One of my favorite birding spots other than the Celery Farm is Hyper-Humus, officially called the Wallkill River Wildlife Management Area.

It's located in Lafayette, N.J., and it's 2,300 acres of marsh, woods and water -- sort of like a giant Celery Farm Nature Preserve.

And guess what -- the two biggest bodies of water at Hyper-Humus were created the same way Lake Appert was -- peat mining.

Hyper Humus adI visited Hyper Humus with The Nature Conservancy last week, and saw a ton of birds, including a Marsh Hawk, three Bald Eagles, an Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and a nice variety of warblers.

As part of a follow-up, The Nature Conservancy shared an amazing article by ace botanist David Snyder about the rare plants once found there.

You can download it here:

Download NJNLTannualreport2012_PaulinsKillMeadows

You can read more about Hyper-Humus here:

Inicidentally, you will see "Hyper-Humus" with and without a hyphen. The original peat-mining comapny used a hyphen, so I do as well.

Below is an aerial photo I took for tNC with the help of LightHawk.

Hyper-Humus aerial