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February 2022

Monday Mystery Answered

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On Monday I asked:

Where is this sign located? Who is Lillian Myer Thomas (aside from being a wonderful person)?

Several folks got the right answer. The sign is located at the Lillian Thomas Natural Area on Yeomans Lane, just past where Powell Road ends. The area is also known as the Allendale Wetlands.

Lillian and her husband Stiles now live in Massachusetts. Lillian was a longtime Allendale resident and civic contributor.

She was originally from Wyckoff, but almost no one holds that against her.

Does anyone know anything about an informal nudist colony of the site many, many years ago?

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The Record's Article about the Birding Boom

Bergen County Audubon's Don Torino and I are featured in a new Record article on why more and more people are bird-watching in the Covid era.

You can read it here:


Feb. 2 is Junco Day!

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I don't know about you, but I'm a little weary of Groundhog Day.

In its place, I propose Junco Day for Feb.2.

If the first Junco I see by my feeder tomorrow sees its shadow, it means we'll have six more weeks of .... juncos.

We'll call that junco "Allendale Earl." Take that, Punxatawney Phil!

Let me know if you see any juncos... or shadows.