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Whither All the Titmice?

Poisoned Cooper's Hawk Update

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I am sorry to report that Cooper's Hawk that was found dead in the Acme Shopping Center in Allendale in late January died from eating rat poison -- likely by eating ... you guessed it ... a poisoned rat. That's the finding of a necropsy done by the state of New Jersey.

Allendale passed a resolution last fall urging residents and businesses to stop using these black-box rat-poison bait stations that you see all over town.

The Borough is also cracking down on open Dumpsters  -- a free buffet for rats and often located near a rat-poison dispenser.(Thank you, Allendale!)

At home, please don't use household poisons that kill mice, chipmunks and other rodents. These pesticides are also dangerous to pets and wildlife.

The Fyke Nature Association is working with other groups to raise awareness beyond Allendale's borders.