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Team Tackles Lake Appert Improvements!

IMG_4497 (1)
A big thank you to Kevin Watson, Neil MacLennan, Ken Wiegand and Patty Finn for tackling some much-needed repairs and other challenges on Lake Appert.

The first trio cleaned out all the Wood Duck boxes, put in new wood chips and repaired or replaced three Wood Duck boxes damaged by people on the ice this winter. One box was broken, with empty plastic bottles inside. Our handy trio replaced one box and cobbled together fixes for the others.

(Click images below to enlarge. The bottom two are a "before and after" of the stick pile. (In the first picture, it's a stick, singular.)

Patty and I rejuvenated the stick pile by the Warden's Watch, where birds and turtles warm themselves in summer.

The day had started with single-digit temperatures but warmed up nicely for the work session. Thank you, sunshine!

And a big thank you, Kevin, Neil, Ken and Patty!