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Celery Farm Dawn 010922

Red-breasted Nuthatch at Our Feeder

Happy to see the Red-breasted Nuthatch back at the feeder after the snow.

Hadn't seen it in a while, and then it returned yesterday.

It can be seen from the Celery Farm path, either on a feeder or in the tall pine by the feeders, but it is quite unreliable.

This from a birding column I wrote in 2016...
Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Tiny, charismatic birds called Red-breasted Nuthatches could appear anytime in a backyard or park near you -- making a distinctive nasal yank-yank-yank call as they go. ...
Red-breasted nuthatches are about two-thirds the size of their white-breasted relatives, and there’s a strong family resemblance, except for that beautiful russet chest.

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