Monday Morning Mystery 011722
Phrags Cut in Front of Pirie Platform

Monday Mystery Answered

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On Monday I posted:

As you may know, I am a big Screech Owl fan, and I'm aware that what many Europeans call screech owls are usually another species altogether.

The etching above is Albrecht Durer's "Screech Owl," done in the early 16th Century.

Any idea what owl it actually is?

A couple of folks answered correctly. Yes, it is a Tawny Owl.

Diane L. wrote: "Favor Tawny Owl over Ural. They are related and both have dark eyes, but Tawny is more frequent than Ural in Germany (Durer was from Nuremberg)."

Dorcas M, wrote: "That surely was a Tawny Owl Durer so wonderfully painted."

More on Tawny Owls here:

Thanks, Diane and Dorcas!